Digital Health

AI in Healthcare

British Institute of Radiology (BIR) AI Essentials

NHS Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (DART-Ed) webinar series

The Alan Turing Institute - Fairness and Responsibility in Human-AI interaction in medical settings

The Alan Turing Institute - Introduction to Transparent Machine Learning

The Wicklow AI in Medicine Research Initiative

Healthcare Data

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Public Test Servers

MHRA’s Synthetic Data Examples

Cancer Imaging Archives

Python FHIR Package


Cambridge Spark - Data and AI Apprenticeships for the NHS


Data Science

Python Data Science Handbook


NHS Python Community

Machine Learning


CNN Explainer

Fast AI’s Practical Deep Learning for Coders

Google’s generative AI learning path

Medical Physics

McMedHacks Annual Course

Paid annual course on medical image analysis and deep learning in Python. The course is generally around 8 weeks long and aims to teach students, researchers and clinicians the fundamentals. It consists of a series of in-depth demos, in the form of Google Colab Notebooks and seminars delivered by a variety of lecturers.

Language Models

🤗 Natural Langugae Processing Course

Google’s Introduction to Large Language Models

Reinforcement Learning

Deep Mind x UCL RL Lecture Series

🤗 Deep Reinforcement Learning Course