co-authored publications.


  1. A New Standard DNA Damage (SDD) Data Format
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    Radiation Research 2018


  1. Clinically relevant nanodosimetric simulation of DNA damage complexity from photons and protons
    Henthorn, N. T., Warmenhoven, J. W., Sotiropoulos, M., Aitkenhead, A. H., Smith, E. A. K., Ingram, S. P., Kirkby, N. F., Chadwick, A. L., Burnet, N. G., Mackay, R. I., Kirkby, K. J., and Merchant, M. J.
    RSC Advances 2019
  2. In Silico Models of DNA Damage and Repair in Proton Treatment Planning: A Proof of Concept
    Smith, Edward A. K., Henthorn, N. T., Warmenhoven, J. W., Ingram, S. P., Aitkenhead, A. H., Richardson, J. C., Sitch, P., Chadwick, A. L., Underwood, T. S. A., Merchant, M. J., Burnet, N. G., Kirkby, N. F., Kirkby, K. J., and Mackay, R. I.
    Scientific Reports 2019
  3. Mechanistic modelling supports entwined rather than exclusively competitive DNA double-strand break repair pathway
    Ingram, S. P., Warmenhoven, J. W., Henthorn, N. T., Smith, E. A. K., Chadwick, A. L., Burnet, N. G., Mackay, R. I., Kirkby, N. F., Kirkby, K. J., and Merchant, M. J.
    Scientific Reports 2019


  1. Hi-C implementation of genome structure for in silico models of radiation-induced DNA damage
    Ingram, Samuel P., Henthorn, Nicholas T., Warmenhoven, John W., Kirkby, Norman F., Mackay, Ranald I., Kirkby, Karen J., and Merchant, Michael J.
    PLOS Computational Biology 2020
  2. Insights into the non-homologous end joining pathway and double strand break end mobility provided by mechanistic in silico modelling
    Warmenhoven, John W., Henthorn, Nicholas T., Ingram, Samuel P., Chadwick, Amy L., Sotiropoulos, Marios, Korabel, Nickolay, Fedotov, Sergei, Mackay, Ranald I., Kirkby, Karen J., and Merchant, Michael J.
    DNA Repair 2020


  1. A data science approach for early-stage prediction of Patient’s susceptibility to acute side effects of advanced radiotherapy
    Aldraimli, Mahmoud, Soria, Daniele, Grishchuck, Diana,  Ingram, Samuel, Lyon, Robert, Mistry, Anil, Oliveira, Jorge, Samuel, Robert, Shelley, Leila E.A., Osman, Sarah, Dwek, Miriam V., Azria, David, Chang-Claude, Jenny, Gutiérrez-Enríquez, Sara, Santis, Maria Carmen De, Rosenstein, Barry S., Ruysscher, Dirk De, Sperk, Elena, Symonds, R. Paul, Stobart, Hilary, Vega, Ana, Veldeman, Liv, Webb, Adam, Talbot, Christopher J., West, Catharine M., Rattay, Tim, consortium, REQUITE, and Chaussalet, Thierry J.
    Computers in Biology and Medicine 2021
  2. Mechanistic Modelling of Slow and Fast NHEJ DNA Repair Pathways Following Radiation for G0/G1 Normal Tissue Cells
    Qi, Yaping, Warmenhoven, John William, Henthorn, Nicholas Thomas, Ingram, Samuel Peter, Xu, Xie George, Kirkby, Karen Joy, and Merchant, Michael John
    Cancers 2021


  1. Development and optimisation of a machine-learning prediction model for acute desquamation following breast radiotherapy in the multi-centre REQUITE cohort
    Aldraimli, Mahmoud,¬†Osman, Sarah,¬†Grishchuck, Diana,¬† Ingram, Samuel,¬†Lyon, Robert,¬†Mistry, Anil,¬†Oliveira, Jorge,¬†Samuel, Robert,¬†Shelley, Leila E.A.,¬†Soria, Daniele,¬†Dwek, Miriam V.,¬†Aguado-Barrera, Miguel E.,¬†Azria, David,¬†Chang-Claude, Jenny,¬†Dunning, Alison,¬†Giraldo, Alexandra,¬†Green, Sheryl,¬†Guti√©rrez-Enr√≠quez, Sara,¬†Herskind, Carsten,¬†Hulle, Hans van,¬†Lambrecht, Maarten,¬†Lozza, Laura,¬†Rancati, Tiziana,¬†Reyes, Victoria,¬†Rosenstein, Barry S.,¬†Ruysscher, Dirk de,¬†Santis, Maria C. de,¬†Seibold, Petra,¬†Sperk, Elena,¬†Symonds, R. Paul,¬†Stobart, Hilary,¬†Taboada-Valadares, Bego√Īa,¬†Talbot, Christopher J.,¬†Vakaet, Vincent J.L.,¬†Vega, Ana,¬†Veldeman, Liv,¬†Veldwijk, Marlon R.,¬†Webb, Adam,¬†Weltens, Caroline,¬†West, Catharine M.,¬†Chaussalet, Thierry J.,¬†Rattay, Tim,¬†and consortium, REQUITE
    Advances in Radiation Oncology 2022
  2. Normal Tissue Complication Probability Modelling for Toxicity Prediction and Patient Selection in Proton Beam Therapy to the Central Nervous System: A Literature Review
    Gaito, S., Burnet, N., Aznar, M., Crellin, A., Indelicato, D.J., Ingram, S., Pan, S., Price, G., Hwang, E., France, A., Smith, E., and Whitfield, G.
    Clinical Oncology 2022
  3. The suitability of micronuclei as markers of relative biological effect
    Heaven, Charlotte J, Wanstall, Hannah C, Henthorn, Nicholas T, Warmenhoven, John-William, Ingram, Samuel P, Chadwick, Amy L, Santina, Elham, Honeychurch, Jamie, Schmidt, Christine K, Kirkby, Karen J, Kirkby, Norman F, Burnet, Neil G, and Merchant, Michael J
    Mutagenesis 2022
  4. Estimating the percentage of patients who might benefit from proton beam therapy instead of X-ray radiotherapy
    Burnet, Neil G, Mee, Thomas, Gaito, Simona, Kirkby, Norman F, Aitkenhead, Adam H, Anandadas, Carmel N, Aznar, Marianne C, Barraclough, Lisa H, Borst, Gerben, Charlwood, Frances C, Clarke, Matthew, Colaco, Rovel J, Crellin, Adrian M, Defourney, Noemie N, Hague, Christina J, Harris, Margaret, Henthorn, Nicholas T, Hopkins, Kirsten I, Hwang, E, Ingram, Sam P, Kirkby, Karen J, Lee, Lip W, Lines, David, Lingard, Zoe, Lowe, Matthew, Mackay, Ranald I, McBain, Catherine A, Merchant, Michael J, Noble, David J, Pan, Shermaine, Price, James M, Radhakrishna, Ganesh, Reboredo-Gil, David, Salem, Ahmed, Sashidharan, Srijith, Sitch, Peter, Smith, Ed, Smith, Edward AK, Taylor, Michael J, Thomson, David J, Thorp, Nicola J, Underwood, Tracy SA, Warmenhoven, John W, Wylie, James P, and Whitfield, Gillian
    The British Journal of Radiology 2022
  5. Impact of DNA Geometry and Scoring on Monte Carlo Track-Structure Simulations of Initial Radiation-Induced Damage
    Bertolet, Alejandro, Ramos-Méndez, José, McNamara, Aimee, Yoo, Dohyeon,  Ingram, Samuel, Henthorn, Nicholas, Warmenhoven, John-William, Faddegon, Bruce, Merchant, Michael, McMahon, Stephen J, Paganetti, Harald, and Schuemann, Jan
    Radiation Research Jun 2022
  6. A computational approach to quantifying miscounting of radiation-induced double-strand break immunofluorescent foci
    Ingram, Samuel P., Warmenhoven, John-William, Henthorn, Nicholas T., Chadiwck, Amy L., Santina, Elham E., McMahon, Stephen J., Schuemann, Jan, Kirkby, Norman F., Mackay, Ranald I., Kirkby, Karen J., and Merchant, Michael J.
    Communications Biology Jun 2022


  1. Effects of Differing Underlying Assumptions in In Silico Models on Predictions of DNA Damage and Repair
    Warmenhoven, John W., Henthorn, Nicholas T., McNamara, Aimee L., Ingram, Samuel P., Merchant, Michael J., Kirkby, Karen J., Schuemann, Jan, Paganetti, Harald, Prise, Kevin M., and McMahon, Stephen J.
    Radiation Research Jun 2023