Sam P. Ingram

Clinical Scientist and Researcher.


ūüďć Manchester, UK

Hi, I‚Äôm Sam ūüĎč and welcome to my website. This small corner of the web is held hostage for me to capture elements of my work and hobby life in one place.

I’m a clinical medical physicist (Clinical Scientist) working at The Christie which is in Manchester, UK. The Christie is one of the largest cancer centres in Europe and houses one of two proton therapy centres which make up the UK’s national service. It is within this facility I work clinically on delivering optimised proton beam therapy. I also research the same topic for the University of Manchester.

I have a keen interest in how AI ūü§Ė and how it may be used in radiation therapy - now and in the future.

Feel free to take a look around and if you like what you see give me a follow on Twitter or contact me at any of the links.

Sam's recommended read

  1. Evaluating AI systems under uncertain ground truth: a case study in dermatology
    Stutz, David, Cemgil, Ali Taylan, Roy, Abhijit Guha, Matejovicova, Tatiana, Barsbey, Melih, Strachan, Patricia, Schaekermann, Mike, Freyberg, Jan, Rikhye, Rajeev, Freeman, Beverly, Matos, Javier Perez, Telang, Umesh, Webster, Dale R, Liu, Yuan, Corrado, Greg S, Matias, Yossi, Kohli, Pushmeet, Liu, Yun, Doucet, Arnaud, and Karthikesalingam, Alan
    arXiv 2023