Clinical Scientific Computing Software Stack


There are a substantial number of open source tools and applications that are widely being used in production and development. Many of these tools permissively used in closed source medical software solutions. This stack looks to standardise a range of these open-source tools and applications so that they can be more easily adopted by the Clinical Scientific Computing community.


At present the software stack includes several applications in a single repository. This may be split out in the future to multiple repositories. The inclusion of all applications in the single repository means that on each relase all docker images are rebuilt which includes updates to all major components of the image whilst ensuring it remains functional.


We welcome anyone wishing to expand the functionality of the project. Therefore, if you wish to contribute to the project please see our contributing guidelines.


This project orchestrates the utility of many different software tools and applications. This project couldn’t exist without the open source contributions of many people. On the shoulders of giants we stand.


The intellectual property of the CSC-Software-Stack is released under the MIT license. However, the applications made available within the project will have their own licenses. Where possible only permissive solutions have been used to reduce implementation burden for users. Each tool and applications’s License information will be provided in their corresponding folders.